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Fill the empty slots on your calendar and grow a 6 or 7 figure private practice with ease.


Here's my question to you:

How much longer are you going to rely on inconsistent inquiries from your Psychology Today profile, a website that never gets found, and randomly posting to Facebook? Or hosting open houses, networking with other therapists, begging doctors for referrals, and passing out flyers, all with no plan, tons of stress, and still not enough clients?

My next question is: how much longer are you going to allow this chaos to go on? The reality is...

  • Most therapists don't have a proven system to get new clients predictably.
  • Most therapists don't have a vision for their business.
  • Most therapists don't charge what they're worth.
  • Most therapists don't know how to handle an initial client phone call.
  • Most therapists don't know how to keep in touch with their hard-earned clients on a regular basis.
  • Most therapists don't know how the therapist next door manages to get full, and stay full.
  • Most therapists waste 5, 10, even 20 hours a week randomly posting to social media and wondering why people still aren't calling.


Don't be one of those therapists.

Be a therapist who:

  • Has a proven system that generates new client inquiries for you during your sleep.
  • Can open and close the faucet whenever you're ready for new clients.
  • Keeps in touch with your hard-earned clients so that you're always top of mind.
  • Knows your numbers and makes decisions with them confidently.
  • Enjoys a highly profitable and stress-free practice.


Because running a business can be easy.


I'm John Clarke, and my expertise is helping therapists get clients.

I know how hard it is to get new clients consistently. I know because I've done it, and want to teach you the fastest way to going from where you are now to getting Fully Booked™.

In 2013, I started my first private practice in San Francisco and had zero dollars to put into my marketing, so I learned everything the hard way. I've been teaching therapists what I learned ever since.

In 2016 I moved to Charlotte, NC and started my current group practice, which became a 6-figure practice in less than 6 months and now generates over $30k per month using the exact system you're about to learn.

I'm here to tell you that the business, income, and lifestyle you always dreamed of is entirely possible--and I'm so excited to show you exactly how.

"John knows digital marketing for therapists. He is easy to work with and quickly knows how to help you improve your website and your online presence. His course breaks down digital marketing into easily digestible steps. I highly recommend it."

Ellis Edmunds
Psychologist, Oakland, CA

So, what is Fully Booked™?

Fully Booked™ is the most powerful training program in the world for therapists who want to get new clients consistently. The program features powerful video lessons and screen share video walkthroughs, paired with tools, worksheets, and downloads to implement into your business right away. Features of Fully Booked™ include...

1. Strong foundations and a killer website.

Master your mindset, learn how to plan and vision your business, and learn how to finally get control of your numbers. Build website pages that captivate, motivate, and converts consistently. Included in this section:

  • Mindset mastery
  • Visioning and planning your business
  • How to avoid getting information-bloated
  • Why most therapists aren't Fully Booked™
  • Why therapists are the best marketers
  • The simple math of getting Fully Booked™
  • How to get Fully Booked™ in 30 days or less
  • Fully Booked™ tools of the trade
  • The Fully Booked™ owner dashboard
  • Fully Booked™ initial client call script
  • How to name your business
  • How to pick your niche
  • How to create your client avatars
  • How to create a tagline
  • How to write your entire website using the Your Brand Matters™ copywriting software 
  • The website wireframe guide that CONVERTS

2. Paid client attraction.

Learn how to get in front of clients online consistently and with ease. Get discovered by the people searching help right now, and do it with confidence. Included in this module on paid client attraction:

  • Introduction to the 3 pillars of online search
  • The fastest way to Fully Booked™
  • The science of client attraction and conversion
  • How to think like the platform
  • Why most therapists fail with paid client attraction
  • The secret paid client attraction formula
  • Launching killer campaigns
  • The Fully Booked™ paid client attraction library
  • The rigorously-tested landing page template that CONVERTS

3. Organic client attraction.

Dive deeper into the 3 pillars with organic client attraction so that you can show up in front of clients looking for a therapist in your area every time they search. Included in this week:

  • The secret organic client attraction formula
  • Why most therapists fail with organic client attraction
  • How to hack your local listings
  • Organic search metrics and what they mean
  • Organic search action steps made easy

4. Constant content marketing.

Add fuel to the fire with content marketing. Learn how to plan and carry out a strategy that plays entirely to your strengths and the things you enjoy. Learn how to use your content to further build your audience and continue crushing organic client attraction. Included in this module:

  • Why content is king
  • How to choose a platform
  • Content rules of thumb
  • 101 content marketing ideas
  • How to plan your attack
  • How to batch like a boss

5. Keep in touch with email marketing.

Keep in touch with your hard-earned clients. Increase trust and credibility, stay present in the minds of your community, and coast through inevitable dips throughout the year like a pro.

  • Why email marketing
  • The Fully Booked™ email marketing strategy
  • Email marketing rules of thumb
  • The only platform you'll ever need
  • How to build your list
  • How to write the kind of emails your clients actually want to read
  • How to leverage your list when you really need it

Get support whenever you need it.

Enjoy lifetime access to the training program and ongoing support. That includes the lively Fully Booked™ community, and biweekly Q&A calls with me. Ask me anything, anytime.

"Working with John has had such a tremendous positive impact on the growth of my practice. John knows how to break things down in an easy to understand and easy to implement kind of way. The digital marketing course is extremely helpful in laying down the foundation of what steps to take to successfully market your practice and generate new clients. I highly recommend the course and any other products or services John offers, it's a worthwhile investment!"

Alyssa Mairanz
Counselor, New York, NY

What are you waiting for?

You spent thousands of dollars on college and graduate school, but you can't help people if they can't find you.

Can I afford this?

What do you need to earn as a result of taking this course? For most therapists, you just need to get 1 new client who attends 7 sessions. And that's worst-case scenario. If your calendar has empty slots to be filled, you can't afford to not join this program.

"John's marketing strategy has helped me grow my business in ways I didn’t think were possible. I get more results in less time thanks to him. If you want to finally feel like you know what you’re doing in your digital marketing and how to get consistent contacts from your ideal client, this is the course for you."

Jeremy Mast

Frequently Asked Questions

This training program is for counselors, therapists, and psychologists in a solo or group private practice. This program is great for anyone in private practice, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned veteran. This program is best for therapists who are smart, motivated, driven, and ready to take responsibility for their business and get things done.

This training program teaches you how to implement the Fully Booked™ system for getting new clients consistently. You will have lifetime access to the current and all future versions of the course, as well as lifetime access to the support offered through the program: the Fully Booked™ online community (where students interact with other students), as well as the biweekly live Q&A calls.

The program is broken up into talk-over-slides video lessons and screen share tutorial walk throughs, paired with tools, checklists, and worksheets to deepen your learning. This program is designed intentionally to reduce overwhelm, teach principles clearly and succinctly, and give you the handful of action steps you should take before moving on to the next section. **One module is released per week, for 5 weeks total.**

All participants are encouraged to ask their questions at each biweekly live Q&A call. John will answer them as as thoroughly as possible. Participants are also encouraged to engage with other students in the private Fully Booked™ online community. For those looking for more hands-on support after the course, you are encouraged to apply to join a Business Made Human™ coaching community group at www.thejohnclarke.com/bmh.

One module is released weekly for 5 weeks total, so that you can successfully implement the things you are learning without getting overwhelmed. You will have permanent access to current version of all modules of the program, and will have lifetime access to future versions of the program that are released to accommodate the inevitable shifts and changes of the various platforms and strategies that you will be learning.

If you complete the program, have implemented all action steps appropriately, and are still not getting the results you want, you can email me directly with proof that you have attempted to implement all steps. If it is determined that you have completed all action steps of the program and still have not gotten satisfactory results, a partial refund will be considered if it is within 30 days of your original purchase date. Please keep in mind that we are under no obligation to issue any refund whatsoever and the results you get from the program are ultimately your responsibility.

No worries! Shoot us an email at info@thejohnclarke.com and we'll be happy to help.

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